Kumbit Ibom Industrial Limited

Kumbit Ibom Industrial Park Limited is a subsidiary of Kumbit Global Limited (A member of Korea Trade Association), an international conglomerate with business presence in atleast three (3) continents of the world with SK & C experts as management/technical heads and registered with Korean chambers of commerce arrived Nigeria with desire to establish 23 key industries Industrial Park in OrukAnam Local Government Area of AkwaIbom State.
The company is registered with the Registration Number RC: 1427550 to set up and manage Industrial parks.
Kumbit Ibom Industrial Park Limited has recorded series of milestones, the latest development being the approval of the Project site at Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State by the Honourable Commissioner for Lands and Housing, Akwa Ibom State (See details in the attached newspaper below).
We are hopeful that this project will enter into its implementation stage in a very short time. All hands are on deck to ensure that we attract the right partners and team towards driving this Industrialization agenda.

Final survey plan for Kumbit Ibom Industrial Park at Oruk Anam LGA

Kumbit Ibom Industrial Park at Oruk Anam LGA and the team

Notice of Revocation of Rights of Occupancy for Public Interest